We Design beautiful bouquets to make your

wedding unforgettable. 

Our creative staff is

full of innovative ideas! 

Flowers are an integral part of a wedding, setting the mood,

providing the color, fragrance, continuity and a link with historical tradition.  

No matter how bridal fashions and styles may change, the use of flowers remains constant.  

Our professional designers can assist you in creating your own unique wedding. 

The Basket Bouquet

The basket bouquet is primarily used in garden-like weddings and is carried by the flower girl.  The basket bouquet has flowers in a shallow basket with satin and organza ribbon accents. 

​​Pomander Bouquet

The pomander bouquet is a ball of flowers, usually roses and is held with a loop of ribbon.  This bouquet is primarily used by flower girls and junior bridesmaids.

 Hand-tied Bouquet

Also known as the posy bouquet, this bouquet can be designed loose and unstructured as well as formal and wired.  The stems of the bouquet are wrapped in satin ribbon and embellished with pearl or rhinestone pins.


Weddings by Petals

Ballerina Bouquet

The ballerina bouquet is a small round bouquet with tufts of tulle or feathers around the base of the bouquet. ​ 

Cascading Bouquet
The cascading bouquet flows downward and is designed to spill over the brides hands.  The cascading bouquet is a very formal and traditional bouquet and can be made with many different types of flowers.

Biedermeier Bouquet
The flowers in the biedermeier bouquet are tightly structured and arranged in a circular pattern of different colored flowers.  Each circle has a different type of flower. 

Nosegay Bouquet

This is mostly popular for flower girls and even younger junior bridesmaids.  The nosegay bouquet is a small bouquet of flowers in a round shaped bunch.  It is accented with satin and organza ribbon. 

 Presentation Bouquet

This bouquet is made with long-stemmed flowers, for example calla lilies and is to be carried cradled in the bride's arm.

​​Gathered Garden Bouquet

Also known as the flower hoop bouquet or the clutch bouquet.  This bouquet consists of a simple gathering of flowers that is loosely arranged.  It is to look as if it was just picked from the garden is very organic and natural looking.  The gathered garden bouquet is accented with ribbons.​